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All Card Games

All card games may be defined as any activity which is performed by players using the special playing cards. It's the principal thing no card game to dispense with.

The all card games number on the planet is actually innumerable. They may be classified according to:

  • game mechanisms
  • region of prevalence
  • origin area
  • card types used during the game process etc.

Each classification aids person to understand better the considered subject, follow the development process and choose the most favorable activity to perform.

Basic Types of Games

According to game mechanics we may divide all card games into following game types:

  • Casino card games (Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat etc.);
  • Trick-taking games (Bridge, Whist, Hearts etc.);
  • Shedding games (Crazy Eights, Asshole, Durak etc.);
  • Accumulating games (e.g. War card game);
  • Fishing games (Cassino, Go Fish etc.).

Also we can mention the Comparing games, Solitaire (Patience) games, Drinking card games, Multi-genre games and others.

Game Mechanics

The game mechanics itself presents the next points to consider:

  • The participants arrangement while playing;
  • The deck of cards which is used (the card ranks and suits study);
  • The main actions (shuffling, dealing etc.);
  • Basic notions and vocabulary bulk of card games characterize the process of gameplay.

The game mechanics are usually stay the same and are generally notable for their universal nature. E.g. almost all card games use the standard 52-card French deck; the gameplay offers the PvP or player against house formats to choose; almost each card game performing requires the dealer to be matched; by turn acting is a must rule for most of the card games indeed and many other examples.

The Theory of Rules

The general rules for all card games are not considered to be the stable or universal ones. The rules variety may be caused by area of game origin and employment, by agreement of players group (special interest group) or by many other circumstances.

The regulations which are accepted by some group of players or by game organizers - become the house rules and possess rather stable characteristics.

As a result we may state the main source of card game rules is a player actually.

Being a source of rules creation, the player also is the only person who may actually break the regulations - deliberately or accidentally both. The deliberate breach of the rules sounds like a pure cheating and involves the adequate penalty for a cheater.