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Before you start to play at online casinos, you should get acquainted with casino basic information, as it will help you understand not only how to behave at gambling house, but also how to influence your chances to win. Casino basics include information about online and traditional casinos, principles of their working, software used, games, promotional systems, casino tournaments, and other.

Online vs Traditional Casinos

In 21st century the most popular way of gambling is playing at online casinos. Believe it or not, but traditional casinos has lost their popularity at the moment when first online games appeared. With online casinos gambling became closer to players and anyone could afford to play at casino, not in some suspicious rooms full of robbers and scammers. Besides, online casinos offer variety of games, including online slot machines, online blackjack, online poker, online baccarat, online craps, etc. You can play game any moment you want it, and there is no need to wait for your turn, as table have enough virtual sits for any number of players.

Software Used in Online Casinos

In fact, software is the thing that insures working of online casino. All the games that online casino has is the result of software, and you will never find a casino that has no software.

Today, there are some of the software providers that are well-known among players and casinos, as the quality of the games they offer is very high. Some casinos prefer to develop their own games, thus, create their own software developing company. Still, most of the gambling houses, even the renowned ones, prefer to use software of the famous software providers such as Microgaming, RTG, and other.


Both online and traditional casinos offer big number of different games. Usually they include all variations of tables games such as blackjack, baccarat, and roulette, machine games such as casino slots and video poker, lotteries, such as bingo and keno, etc. The choice of games may seem so big, that new players may even be lost, and do not know what to choose to play.

The great thing is that online casinos offer try-out mode of the games, also known as demo mode. Choosing it you play game for free, paying no money. Usually the casinos offer software for free games for all visitors, even those who do not have account at the casino. It means, that even not being a member of any gambling house you can be involved in gambling games!

Playing at casinos is simple. All you need to do is to believe in your luck and follow game rules!