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Blackjack Game Basics

The object of the blackjack game is to beat the dealer with the card combination of 21. But if you are not familiar with all the peculiarities of this game, and if you are new to internet gambling and don't know how to play black online, our online blackjack guide will be helpful for you.

Online Blackjack Guide

The main reason of this game's popularity is that both luck and skills are combined. That is why most gamblers worldwide prefer the game oftwenty-one. As it is mentioned above the main aim of the player is to get 21 point total or to get as close as possible to it. If the player has more that 21 of his card total, he busts and loses automatically.

The player takes the initiative in blackjack. First, the player needs to place his bet and click the button "Deal". The dealer deals two cards for the player and for himself, but the player has both face up cards and the dealer has one up card and one hole (a face down card).

Card values:2 - 10 - face value
King, Queen and Jack - 10 points
The Ace - 1 or 11 points

After card dealing, the player can Hit, Split, Double or Stand.

  • Hit

The player hits if he wishes to get another card. For instance, if the player's cards are 3 and 7, he can hit in order to get 21.

  • Split

It is possible to split a pair of cards in two separate hands. For example, the player's hand includes two eights with 16 of the total value. If the player chooses another hit or stand, the chances of winning are poor. In such a case splitting is a perfect option.

  • Double

The players canalso double their bet on any of two cards. But one should be careful with this option as after doubling the player gets another card automatically.

  • Stand

If the player doesn't want to hit and he is fine with his hand, he can choose Stand.

There is one more important thing one should know before starting to play blackjack: the game can of several types, so one should know all of them in order to choose.

Online Blackjack Guide: Choosing a Casino

After learning all the rules of the game, it is necessary to find a good and respectable online casino to play in. One should find some forum with other players' comments concerning different online casinosand to choose the best one. A good online casino should be easy to use, powered by a well-known software provider, contain various casino games and high sign up bonuses.