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Card Game Rules

The newborn card games start usually with someone who invents a new activity or modify the already existing one. Thus the card game rules may vary and change up to the players' decision. ''Agreed? So let's change it!'' - Roughly it looks like this.

The agreed regulations become the house ones, or just the house rules. Such a set of rules accepted by players may apply to a particular house, club or café. By-turn the house card game rules may be stated as the principal and only for a whole regions and continents.

With a growth of card games popularity the need of stable and general rules has appeared. E.g. when the Whist card game became popular in England (18th century), the Portland Club rules were taken as the general and unite ones. It was much easier and understandable for each player of Whist to perform the game no matter where with ability to know the rules which were generally accepted.

Card Games Rule Status

It must be stated that the rule following or approval is no longer static or stable procedure. There is no game in the world with the set of universal rules. Some games don't possess the official regulations set even.

The only way for card games rules to be stable and fixed is the official governing set of regulations. E.g. the tournament bridge card game rules are regulated by World Bridge Federation and English Bridge Union in UK. But even in such cases the breaking of the rules is quite possible.

Break the Rule

It is stated that the player who breaks the card games rules deliberately is announced as a cheater. The so-called known cheats are usually banned in gambling establishments and it's hard to find a player who will share the table with a cheat.

At all events we also may consider the accidental infractions which are usually caused by inattention or ignorance.

The golden rule for a case when the rule break is present sounds like that:

"The player broke the rule shouldn't benefit and the other participants shouldn't lose by it."

But still there is no strict regulations applied for those who break the rule accidentally. The problem may be decided in loco through the oral agreement as a variant.

Therefore some games obtain the proper rules against the delinquent players, not to mention the cheaters.