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Card Game Types

The card game types may be classified in many different and interesting ways. The main principle for us to organize the division of card games types is the game mechanism. This classification is helpful for a player to understand the main principles and mechanisms of the game.

So now let's familiarize with basic card games types + steal a glance at their peculiarities.

We may start with Trick-taking game activities which are based on the gameplay of several rounds long (otherwise tricks). Each round the every participant plays a single card from the hand and depending on played card values the player wins (takes the trick) or loses. The principle aim of the game may vary:

  • You have to take as many tricks as it possible;
  • You have to take as many scoring cards within the rounds won as it possible;
  • You have to take as few tricks as it possible;
  • The exact number of tricks intake is a must for a player to win.

Popular card games: Bridge, Hearts, Whist etc.

The next group of game types is the Matching card game activities. The main purpose of such games is to get the required set of matching cards just before the time your opponent can do it.

Popular card games: Concentration, Kemps, Thirty-One etc.

The Shedding card game activities, as a member of game types, aiming the next principle: the player who discards all the cards form his hand first - wins.

Popular card games: Crazy Eights, Durak, Asshole etc.

Plus now we know the Accumulating game activities which possess the next rule: the player who gets all the cards in the deck - wins the game.

Popular card games: War, Egyptian Ratscrew etc.

The Fishing card game main principle sounds in the following way - the cards form the player hand are played against the cards which are placed in the middle of the table (plus capturing table cards option is added). These games are very popular in China, and the Cassino card game is the only activity which was widely spread throughout the English-speaking countries.

Popular card games: Go Fish, Cassino etc.

The Casino games form special game types members which usually:

  • possess the principles and mechanisms of different card games types (e.g. the Blackjack card game obtains the comparing games features + the casino card games principles);
  • offer the money bets - the wagering may present the PvP format or player against house variant.

Popular card games: Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, Casino Hold'Em, Pai Gow etc.