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Popular Casino Cheating Methods

All players know that there are two basic ways of winning casino games – playing fairly and using cheating techniques. Though cheating is illegal, lots of players prefer this way of gambling, as they think that cheating methods have better chances of winning. In fact, you cannot guarantee you a sure winning, no matter what strategy you use. Of course, with cheating techniques you can get more profits, but they are too risky to implement all the time. In this article we will define the cheating methods and decide whether it is better to play with them or with more traditional strategies of beating the house.

Using Cheating Strategies

When you play at casino for a certain period of time, you start to understand that strategies that you’ve got used to implement do not work all the time, and sometimes, you need some additional technique to win the bet. For great part of players, the first thing that comes to mind is to use cheating methods.

Cheating appeared long time ago, and during many years it has been one of the ways to win the game. Today, when technological development has reached the highest point, it is quite difficult to cheat at traditional casinos, and even at online gambling houses. Nevertheless, there are some ways that can still be implemented.

Of course, there ways of cheating about which you can forget. For example, tricks with coins used for playing slot games. Today, most of the machines do not use coins, and those they do, have a strong system that protects machine from interfering.

Biased wheel method, that have also been popular for a long time, also has lost its popularity, since the mechanisms of the wheels became so perfect and methods to check the mechanisms are so precise, that there are no chances that you can meet such type of wheel.

Advanced cheating techniques can help you win more money, of course (such as past posting and top hatting). But you should understand, that if someone notice that you are doing such tricks, you can be sure that your gambling life is over. Besides, you can also go to jail, as cheating is illegal not only in casinos, but also according to the rules of countries where gambling houses can be met.

In online casinos cheating is also very popular, though it is extremely difficult to find software that can run together with casino’s soft. Besides, using of malware can be easily detected.

We recommend you to avoid cheating as this is not the very best way to play casino games!