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Fishing Card Game

Now let's switch over to Fishing card game variation which presents another card activity differentiation. In fishing games the player is aiming to acquire the cards which are usually placed in the center of the table (community cards). The only way to score the target is to match the community cards with own hand cards.

Fishing card game is a very popular activity in many countries and especially on the East, in China - to be precise. The Chinese gamblers and card enthusiasts have lots of fishing game types at their disposal.

The Scopa card game which is also belong to the fishing games - is stated to be the national heritage of the Italy and the energetic people of Apennines consider this game as a nation al one.

Now we may enlist the whole list (that we have in possession) of fishing games:

  • Bastra
  • Cassino card game
  • Cuarenta
  • Diplomat card game
  • Go Fish card game
  • Jack Change It
  • Pasur card game
  • Scopa etc.

Details of Games

As we see, the names of the fishing card game activities are rather queer and most likely they hide the ethnic origin underneath.

Thereby the Pasur card game is originated to Iran and also known as Haft Khaj, Haft Va Chahar or Yazdah. The game is quite similar to Cassino card game and Basra card games as it possesses the same game mechanics.

The already mentioned Italian card game Cassino presents a gameplay for 2 up to 4 players divided in 2 partnerships as rules. The principle aim of the game is to fish out 21 points for ones possessions. The aim is quite similar to blackjack online indeed but the general mechanics of the game differs significantly.

The Cassino activity is believed to be the only one among the Italian card games which was transferred to English-speaking world with the wave of emigration in the end of 19th century.

The Go Fish card activity is the basic game which covers the general principle and mechanics of fishing games. This game of skill is performed with 2-5 players, the age range is rather accessible - 3+, in addition the playing time is short no doubt.

The game requires the direct communications between the players during the game and thus a lot of gags and jokes accompany the game procedure.

The principal aim of the game is to acquire the other players cards and form the own book of cards.

Not out of place to mention that the fishing games usually require the honorable play with no cheats and respect to fair play.