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Gambling Addiction or Problem Gambling

Ludomania, or gambling addiction is one of the psychological disorder because of which people cannot control themselves in playing gambling games. Pathological gambling is one of the most known gambling problems, and today it is known as one of the most severe psychological problems along with alcohol addiction and drug abuse. The main problem of ludomania is that very often players do not understand that they have this problem, as well as their relatives and friends. For most of them, gambling is just one of the ways to spend time, and they even do not notice that they can play for several hours without taking a break.

How to Detect Gambling Addiction

As gambling addiction is a psychological problem, it can be very difficult to detect it. It has lots of features that are common to other mental disorders, for example, irritability, obesity, dropping all hobbies, financial difficulties, etc. If you see, that you or your friend/relative has some of those symptoms, take a close look at his behaviors. If you see some changes, especially those which lead to aggression, it is time to get worried.

Of course, those symbols do not indicate that person has addiction. But there are some that will prove that something is wrong:

  • Lying about money. Gamblers always play for money and very often, they lose everything they have. They borrow money but rarely give it back.
  • Breaking law. Very often addicted players break law in order to get some money.
  • Quitting a job without any reason.
  • Hiding information about playing at casinos.
  • Stealing money.

A lot of addicted gamblers start to use gambling bots, programs that allow to play 24/7 games that offer auto play mode (such as online slots) .

What to Do?

If you, or some of people you know suffer from gambling addiction, the first step that should be done is to ask for a help. As a rule, all casinos provide players with information on associations and institutions that work with such problems. It is also important to find a person who works with addicted players.

No matter which game you play online blackjack or poker at traditional casino, you should be attentive to your desires. Once you feel that gambling is the only thing you live for, start to look for a help!