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Poker - Rules and Variants

Poker is considered to be the most popular among the casino games and it possesses the betting poker rules + hand rankings. You may find this game at any gambling house, live and online both.

We may state that poker rules follow the game of chance mechanics with some psychology aspects to be added.

According to modern poker rules the betting round starts with forced bet formation. After that the action proceeds to the left and each next player must either match the previous bet max or fold. Also the player may raise the bet amount.

The whole poker gameplay procedure we will consider in the paragraphs given below.

Poker Game Procedure

Let's observe the regular poker gameplay step-by-step and point the most principal issues to consider.

  • In the casino poker performance the house dealer operates the cards;
  • The white plastic card (usually) indicates the players' turn to bet. The button is rotated clockwise among the game participants after each round end;
  • According to poker rules the ante bet is obligatory for all the players to place before the round start;
  • The dealer shuffles the cards and distributes them one at a time starting with the left player. The cards are dealt face down or face up depending on game variation;
  • After the first, initial deal - the bet rounds begin;
  • Between the bet rounds the additional cards enter the game process (being the community cards) and thus the hands of the players may develop and change in some way;
  • During the bet round a player may either call (keep up the game and place extra bet) or fold (resign the game and lose the bets);
  • The player with a best combination of hand wins the game and takes the pot (the hand is usually formed with 5 cards).

The next subject to mention is a short description of basic poker rules and notions for beginners to start with.

  • Open - the players put their ante bets (blind, opening a well) on the pot;
  • Call - the option that means a player matches a previous bet or even raise it;
  • Check - the decline of a player to make a bet. He/she stays in the game but calls the bet equal to zero actually;
  • Raise - the deliberate increase of a bet size by a player;
  • Fold - discard of the player hand and loss of all the previous bets made by a player.

Poker Variants

Poker possesses lots of game types which follow the basic poker rules and poker hand rankings as well. We may distinguish the 4 main groups divided by the card-dealing and betting peculiarities.

  • Straight poker presents a variation with complete player hands and one-round betting. Raising and re-rising options are okay;
  • Stud poker possesses the rule according to which the cards are usually dealt in a pre-arrange combination of face up and face down rounds. The betting round follows the each dealing round;
  • Draw poker means the player gets a complete hand face down. After the bet procedures the player may change his/her hand in order to improve it - in a way of discarding the unwanted cards and being delivered with the new ones;
  • Community card poker is a variation of a game (watch Casino Hold'Em) having the next peculiarities: the player gets incomplete hand (face down) and then the community cards (face up) enter the game one-by-one each round. Thus the player may unite his own hand with the community cards with purpose to achieve a favorable combination.