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Types of Casino Games

In the casino, the cardinal rule is to keep them playing and to keep them coming back.
The longer they play, the more they lose, and in the end, we get it all.

Ace Rothstein (Casino film, 1995)

Be sure they are watching you. You play: actions, decisions - step-by-step. Even your face expression. They want you be sad. Lose all you many. But what is really important - what want you? Bow and scrape before the splendid suits? Or play casino games and win?

The card games were introduced much later the people realized to win and earn money via gambling. The predecessors simply enjoy the game process at first (Chinese they were, or maybe Indians around 900 A.D.). But soon the thirst for money has put her filthy fingers on card activity in whole.

And the name "casino games with cards" has finally appeared.


The casino games usually turn in the sphere of money gambling, wagers of cash. Plus we may admit that the betting process in these games is not just the way to earn (or lose) money, but the important and integral strategic part of the gameplay.

Some of the casino card games involve participants to bet against other players (e.g. poker), and the other games make players to bet against the house.

At all events all the casino card games are played in a specialized gambling house setting. And all the casino air around you is aiming to make play, win or lose.

Casino Games List

Now it's time to look at the casino card games short list which offers you an enumeration of most popular gambling activities performed via cards. Plus we present a compressed review of each.

  • Blackjack online card game - one of the most widespread and well-known casino activity which offer a player simple game mechanics (player against house usually) and lots of strategy varieties. The games possesses more than 100 game variants with amusing gameplay;
  • Baccarat game is a casino card game veteran, possesses an elegant and traditional gameplay, easy rules and high odds. Being a pillar of gambling activities offers players a lot of variations;
  • Poker - recognized king of the casino games. The game is based on PvP format and ranking system of cards. This casino card game has a great number of different variations at its disposal. The most popular among these variations which are played at the casinos are the next:
    • Texas Hold'Em;
    • Casino Hold'Em;
    • Three Card Poker;
    • Let it Ride card game;
    • Pai Gow Poker;
    • Red Dog;
    • Caribbean Stud.

And it's only the top of the iceberg. Casino games possess many card activities and much more game variations for every person to experience.

Play and win. And remember that the first part is already an entertainment actually.