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History of Gambling

Gambling has always been one of the most popular ways of entertainment. Probably, it was the one which appeared in ancient society, as making bet has always attracted people. Even those, who have never been into casino, have been involved into gambling process at least once. We place wagers on the even outcomes all the time, and “I bet you...” is one of the phrases you say several times a day.

According to the historical researches, gambling was popular long before Christmas Era. It was popular in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome. The ancient Creek myth says that the whole Universe has been divided among Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon with the dice.

Lots of games that are played at modern casinos now, take their origins from those that had been played at those times. Keno, pai-gow and backgammon came from China, while blackjack, baccarat and roulette are modern variants of old European games.

Appearance of Casinos

Though gambling had always been one of the main activities of people, the places where they could play their favorite games appeared not so long ago.

Country where first casinos appeared was Italy. Even the word casino comes from Italian and actually means “home”. For a long time, casinos were placed where you could go and have fun, not only play gambling games. But since 19th century they have totally turn to the places where gambling is the main activity.

At the beginning of the 20 century, restrictions on gambling appeared and many illegal gambling rooms appeared. In 1931 gambling was legalized in Nevada, and since that time it is known as Mecca of all gamblers.

Online Casinos

90ies became a crucial moment for gambling history as the first online casinos appeared. Today, there are many of them, and traditional places lose their popularity.

As gambling is illegal in many countries, the only way people can enjoy it is playing online. There are all games - roulette online, blackjack, poker, slots, baccarat, and you can start playing them just in a few minutes.

A new word in gambling is mobile casinos. They are very common to online casinos, but the is a small difference – you need to download a special software into your phone, not computer.

Gambling industry is developing very quickly and we are sure, that a few years later we will get new means to play casino games. Let us wait for them using those options that are available now!